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I think Ms. Marina is a wonderful teacher. She is very helpful. Whenever you have something to work on, she knows some good exercises that will help. She has a good sense of which pieces are good for people with different personalities. Ms.Marina also lets you choose pieces you like.  Finally, she encourages you a lot - It helps me when I am frustrated. The encouragement helps me to calm down and believe  that I can do it. These are just some of the reasons why Ms. Marina is such a fabulous piano teacher.


Selene J

Ms. Marina Lynn is a wonderful piano teacher. I have been taking lessons with her for almost six years now, and the improvement really shows. We started with basics like counting beats and recognizing notes, and quickly moved on to harder parts. She really puts emphasis on expressing the feelings of the music and has many handy tricks for mastering technical issues. Ms. Marina always pushes us to do our best, but always in a kind and encouraging way. Overall, she is one of the best piano teachers I could ask for. 


Luna J

It wasn't easy when I started looking for a piano teacher for my oldest daughter almost 6 years ago.  We were really fortunate to get the recommendation for Marina from a kindergarten teacher  from our school.   We have been with Marina ever since.  Marina is very caring, strict and yet fun with my kids. 


Mang J.

Ready to start playing?

Marina is an experienced and caring teacher who we highly recommend. After two years of learning from a different teacher, our son showed little improvements.  Marina patiently took a step back, and helped him start over with the basics.  We were delighted to see great results soon after our son started lessons with Marina. Her dedication and passion for teaching inspire our children to do their best.  Her encouragement instills such enthusiasm and confidence in performing in front of an audience that they never hesitate to play the piano when invited.

Tiffany H.

My son began taking piano lessons with Marina when he was 4 years old.  She understood what he needed at that age to inspire the confidence in him. She made learning music fun and exciting.

Marina is a very caring person and she genuinely wants her students to have a positive experience when learning to play piano. She truly enjoys seeing the kids improve and learn more complex pieces, as they advance in their studies. And she is always willing to go the extra mile for the kids, which creates a positive atmosphere and inspires the life-long love of music.


Marina R.

We have been taking music lessons with Marina for many years. First, our son started taking lessons after an unfortunate experience with another teacher.  When he began studying with Marina, she immediately found that important teacher-student connection. When our daughter turned 5, she also began taking piano lessons with Marina and she's loving it. Marina has patience and knows how to listen. She encourages and easily finds a solution to any problem. I do highly recommend Marina to anyone who is looking for a music teacher with knowledge, patience, and dedication.


Zoya F.

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