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I grew up in Soviet Union where I attained my music degree in Piano Performance and Music Pedagogy. While living in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, I was privileged to have excellent teachers: graduates of Moscow and St. Petersburg Music Conservatories. I'm very grateful for the knowledge, skills and the love of music they passed on me. It was a true passion of mine from the time I was a young child.  

Since coming to California in 2002, I've been teaching music at private and public schools, as well in my own studio in the Wine Country of beautiful Sonoma County. I also teach private lessons in San Francisco. 

My mission is to show my students the beauty of the art of piano playing, and to teach them how to express themselves in unique individual way through this magnificent instrument. My lessons always include music theory and music history, as I believe a person can't really appreciate the piece they play without a deep understanding of its structure and it’s connection to historical musical tradition. 

Mastering skills through scales and different technical exercises requires determination, patience and time. But if you are ready to start your journey with me, together we will discover the wonderful world of music with your own voice and passion for piano. 

What some happy students and parents say:  

"My son began taking piano lessons with Marina when he was 4 years old. She  inspired him and made learning music fun and exciting."  >>


- Marina R.

"Marina Lynn is a wonderful piano teacher. I have been taking lessons with her for almost six years now, and the improvement really shows.."  >>


- Luna J.

"Marina is a wonderful teacher. She is very helpful. Whenever you have something to work on, she knows some good exercises ..."  >>


- Selene J.

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